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Configurable Phone

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Configurable Products let your customers select the variant they desire by choosing options. For example, you sell t-shirts in two colors and three sizes. You’d create the six variants as individual products (with their own skus) and then add these six to a configurable product from where customers can choose size and color, then add to cart. If desired you could also have customers search for “red medium t-shirt” and land on the specific page for this variant.

Complex products in Magento are a way to consolidate product variants onto a single product info page in the front-end. The variants themselves are actually simple products and have their own SKUs and stock management. This is very powerful - it allows you to let customers search for the individual variants, but browse only to the consolidated product pages.

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Customer reviews in MagentoОтзыв пользователя John Example
Customers can provide a descriptive review, and can also rate a product on a "star rating" scale, from one star to five stars. You can create additional ratings in the admin panel. Ratings are displayed on product and category pages.

Customer reviews and ratings can be approved, rejected or edited by admin. This level of control ensures that abusive reviews are not published. (Отзыв написан 12.11.2012)

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Custom CMS block displayed as a tab. You can use it to display info about returns and refunds, latest promotions etc. You can put your own content here: text, HTML, images - whatever you like. There are many similar blocks accross the store. All CMS blocks are editable from the admin panel.

Magento Community Edition is the most powerful open source e-commerce software and can be downloaded 100% for free. Developers can modify the core code, add custom features and functionality by installing extensions from Magento Connect marketplace.

Manage the fully dynamic catalog with the intutive admistrative interface. The flexible catalog system includes various options for the display of items. Magento is also integrated with a variety of major payment gateways out of the box.

Magento is a fully global platform, allowing for the expansion of business or simply offering multiple versions of your site to meet the needs of your customers. Translated into over 60 languages, supporting multiple currencies, payment methods and taxes, Magento allows for internationalization of your online stores.

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